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Senior Citizens in Old Age Home receive free Dental Treatment : an Initiative of ESD Foundation

image Author:  Dr Shubham Tiwari Catagory:   Foundation Publised Date: May 20 22

                                        “Every human should have a way of life that is at least standard with every basic needs met. He/she should have an oral health above standards and a basic knowledge of oral health and hygiene.”  

                                         Sticking to our vision ESD Dental Group provided a New Year bonanza to the socially deprived residents of Old Age home along with its employees as ESD Foundation conducted not only a Dental Check-up and Awareness camp but also gave free dental treatment Jeevan Sandhya Vradhashram, Kasaibada Cantt, Lucknow on 1st Jan, 2021.



                                         A wholehearted program was planned by ESD Dental Group in collaboration with ESD Foundation in the benefit of the socially deprived residents of the old age home. 

                                         DENTAL CHECK-UP AND AWARNESS CAMPAIGN was executed on 1st of January, 2021; which commenced with detailed case history and clinical examination of the patients. All minor restorative and preventive procedures were conducted on the site. Following which oral health counselling was done which included, oral hygiene maintenance, tobacco cessation, and proper brushing techniques for elderly. Free oral hygiene products were distributed. Covid-19 protocol was followed.                                            

                                       This was followed by a seven day long, FREE DENTAL TREATMENT PROGRAM organized at ESD Dental Clinic, Jopling Road Branch and ESD Dental Clinic, Rajni Khand branch. The program included all standard reparative, rehabilitative and reconstructive dental procedures namingly, Crown and Bridge, Complete Denture Prosthesis, Removable Denture Prosthesis, Root Canal Treatment, Restoration (fillings), Oral Prophylaxis, Extractions, etc. All basic facility was provided by ESD Dental Group including medications, transport, etc. 

                                      This is followed by a comprehensive Recall and Maintenance phase of treatment, which includes follow up every 3 months, re-enforcement of counselling and maintenance of oral health. 




                                       ESD Foundation has also conducted a survey on the effectiveness of the program. It was a analytical study of longitudinal type aimed for a period of 2 years. There was 49 people on which  the study was conducted.

                                        Prior to the program, the prevalence rate of dental caries was 70%, periodontal disease was 85%, partial edentulism was 100% and complete edentulism was in 30% in the patients.

                                        Following the treatment program the prevalence was tremendously reduced. Incidence rate was 30% of  dental caries and 34.75 % of periodontal disease. 




                                        ESD Foundation, headed by Dr Shubham Tiwari, is a social service organization which works in favor of Socio-economically deprived masses towards upgrade and change in their lives. This organization aims to support them with healthcare, literacy, education, etc. 

                                       Full support was provided by ESD Dental Group to the organization Dr Chandra Prakash Founder & Director: ESD Dental Group). Special Thanks to Dr. Ankita Tiwari who performed the central role in check-up and spreading awareness about oral health and hygiene amongst the patients. Responsibility of Free Dental treatment was taken by ESD Dental Clinic, Jopling Road and ESD Dental Clinic, Rajni Khand. Kudos to Danish Ansari, Shiraz Azmi, Anshu Singh, Shanu Yadav, Imran Ali and Ashish Yadav who made the program a success.