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Class Correction of dental Malocclusion ( Class 3 to Class 1 ) : A Case Study by ESD Dental Lab

image Author:  Mr G. C. Tiwari Catagory:  Dental Clinic Publised Date: December 06 22


A case was reported at ESD Dental Lab by Dr Harshvardan's clinic in July, 2022. This case describes an adult patient with class 3 malocclusion that manifested as a forward functional shift during occlusion combined with retroclined upper incisors. The functional shift of the mandible is a significant problem that can cause both functional and aesthetic complications for patient. 



A Final diagnosis of Dental - Class 3 malocclusion with anterior crossbite was made.



The treatment included Dental Camouflage which was achieved by fixed denture prosthesis restoration, Zirconia bridgework on upper and lower anteriors (Canine to Canine) , hence  Dental Class  1 relation was achieved.


ESD Dental Lab has successfully brought remarkable enhancement in the masticatory functions combined with better facial aesthetics ,leading to  proper and stable intercuspation between upper and lower teeth. most importantly ,the psychological and physical health of the patient was greatly enhanced . 



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