Here at ESD we believe every business is complete only if it fulfils its social commitments. It's all about giving it back to the pool. On that cue, we reinforce principles of corporate responsibility in all our daily activities. ESD foundation works for the betterment and benifit of the overall oral health of the masses. We provide free of cost treatment the less fortunate parts of our society.
We believe social welfare work is both a beacon and a mindset, grounding our operating principles and guiding our commitment to expanding access, operating ethically, engaging our employees and protecting the environment.

Vision Statement

Every human should have a way of life that is at least standard with every basic needs met. He/she should have an oral health above standards and a basic knowledge of oral health and hygiene.

Mission Statement

To create an environment in which Every human recognizes the importance of dental treatment, such that there is an all round upliftment of oral health, hygiene and awareness amongst the economically or/and educationally unfortunate masses. Therefore having A hand in overall growth in the field of dentistry across the nation.

Foundation Gallery