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Our Team has been the “Pioneer” in Dental Laboratory Business since 1994 and have introduced products like Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM) and Zirconia Crowns in U.P. and we aim to become a market giant in the Dental Industry through our various segments. ESD Lab is already successfully serving more than 120+ premium Dental Practitioners in Uttar Pradesh and plans to further expand their lab capabilities to on-board more doctors of Uttar Pradesh and further Pan India.

  • Zirconia

    Zirconia crowns are a boon to the field of fixed prosthesis in dentistry to fulfil aesthetic needs of the patients, due to its natural look and good translucency. Moreover is MRI feasible and bio-compatible. Zirconia is the most popular dental prosthesis product for today’s dentistry. Zirconia crowns being translucent, metal-free, 100% biocompatible, extremely durable, and bonds well with teeth, zirconia crowns are one of the best crown options today. It overcomes the problem of visible dark colour, typically near the cervical area, along the gingival tissue in PFM restorations.

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  • Acrylic Dentures

    Acrylic resins prosthesis have been widely used in dentistry in the past but since higher quality materials have emerged, they have lost ground. Although they are still a game-changer in quite a few situations where all the advanced technology fails. This makes acrylic prosthetics one of the most important product of ESD Dental lab. Our team has been working on these prosthesis for more than 30 years now and excel in the same. Keeping in pace with recent advancements in lab technologies, we fabricate acrylic prosthesis too by CAD/CAM digitalization. More over we have a series/section of biofunctional dentures.

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  • Aligner

    Aligners are the globally accepted alternatives today to convectional braces. They replace the cumbersome brackets and wire with a transparent, strong, thermoplastic material to guide teeth gently into their correct position. Wires used for movement in convectional braces may cut the soft tissue, the elastic used may also hurt and also they are aesthetically very poor. An in house team of dental technicians and professionals along with sophisticated 3D resin printers completely rules out all the disadvantages of convectional braces.

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  • CPD

    When there is a multiple teeth loss or the remaining teeth are incapable of supporting a fixed restoration, the only method of oral rehabilitation is Cast Partial Denture. This is a removable partial denture. Commonly used acrylic and flexible denture cause damage to the neighbouring teeth and soft tissue. Today, globally used preferred method is Chrome Cobalt Cast Partial Denture, which is made by unique method of printing the cast partial denture to the utmost perfection and accuracy using selective laser melting technique (SLM)

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  • Implants

    A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as a denture, crown and bridge, etc. Implants integrate seamlessly into the human bone structure and restore the masticatory function to almost 98% of the original function. In Implant dentistry, prosthesis fabrication is a great challenge, not only to restore the aesthetics but also to restore masticatory function. Any sort of disorientation will lead to failure of implant. ESD Dental Lab aims for perfect prosthesis which restores complete masticatory function and high quality aesthetics.

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  • SLM

    In Selective laser melting (SLM) process, a product is formed by selectively melting successive layers of powder by the interaction of a laser beam. It is an additive manufacturing of new generation PFMs, SLM/DMLS . The metal frame is fabricated using CAD/CAM files by sintering special Co-Cr based powder layer by layer. This wonder alloy is extremely biocompatible. It has incredibly thin margins in comparison with conventional PFM. The CAD process detects and eliminates undercut up to 0.2 mm and the CAM process facilitates equal space for ceramic binding and avoids ceramic chip-off. The long span bridges up to 16 units can be fabricated and also the high precision allows easy crown fixing. This is not your run-of-the-mill products, instead it is a role-model product.

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  • Veneers

    Veneers are thin coverings or laminates that are placed over the labial aspect of the tooth. They are primarily used for frontal teeth to correct tooth gaps, tooth misalignments, tooth discoloration and chipped or cracked teeth. Recent advancements in the dental field have expanded the types of veneers available for your patient. With the translucency of veneer, visible tooth surfaces receive an optimized natural look. ESD Dental Lab manufactures veneers for exceptional quality and durability to help make your patient’s ideal smile a reality. By using only the highest quality ceramic materials, such as Lithium Disilicates, we achieve a more natural looking prosthesis without compromising durability. Our dental technicians have an artistic eye for matching the restoration’s hue and value perfectly to your patients’ existing teeth, creating flawless smiles.

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