ESD Dental Academy looks into providing the latest and quality education related to complete aspect of Modern Dentistry. We empower people in Dentistry with knowledge to look into the newer horizons with broader intellect and skills.

Course We Offer

  • Dental Assistant

    Dentistry is a 4 hand job and it’s an absolute necessity of a modern day clinic and practitioner to have a well versed Dental Assistant for the smooth sailing of a clinic and satisfied patients along with the utmost ease for the practitioner. This is where ESD Dental Academy steps in by training the Assistants for all the equipment, procedures, sterilizations with latest recommendations.

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  • Dental Lab Assistant

    The extreme shortage of Qualified Dental Technicians has led to poor quality of prosthesis and other support provided by the mushroomed labs which are absolutely not governed by any work ethics or restraining quality bodies.
    ESD Dental Academy provides quality education for Lab Assistants by qualified professionals with latest machines, technologies and software so as to provide quality prosthesis and support to the practitioners, in line benefiting the oral health of the patients.

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  • Clinic Counselor

    Clinic Counselor is a modern day amenity for all the clinics with the proper knowledge of professionally handling patients with empathy and taking care of patient and clinic management paraphernalia.
    ESD Academy provides absolute targeted course for the successful running and treating of patients in a Clinic.

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  • Dental Photography

    A new entrant in Dentistry is extremely helpful in recording cases for documentation, communication with the patients and lab etc, reviewing for self improvement, presentations and marketing etc.
    ESD Academy provides complete Dental and Oral Photography protocol training along with glamour and table top photography run through for modern day marketing too.

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